Prayers Up for DMX

If you haven’t heard, Earl Simmons aka DMX, was recently admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose. Reports as early as this post say he’s on life support with limited brain activity. His 15 children have flown to New York to be near him. Prayers up for DMX. Recently, I was on a road […]

What is Your Definition of “Being Black”?

Dr. Vernita Glenn-White, empowerment strategist and personal coach, is the bestselling author of Embracing Grit For Greatness: Becoming Professionally Powerful Through Personal Empowerment. In our conversation, we discuss being black while being cute, nerdy, and quirky. Dr. V also shows us how to embrace all that we are so we can walk unapologetically into our […]

A Fascinating Story of Black History From Author Sylvester Boyd

Sylvester Boyd is a black author who wrote his first book, The Road from Money, at 68 years old. Part fiction, it’s the story of how his aunt went from cotton picker to millionaire, moving from Money, Mississippi to Chicago, Illinois. The book is part one in a series, and it’s easy to see Sylvester […]

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