All too often, we make decisions from a place of pain…and we let negative thoughts guide our behavior, ruin opportunities, and be the reason why we choose poor friends, dead-end jobs, and abusive partners.

Welcome to the website where we provide inspiration and resources to help you heal from the pain of your past. Your story, and even your ancestor's story, may be filled with trauma, but you can rewrite it with stories of triumph. This site is dedicated to assisting you on that journey with inspiring stories that heal so you can be a better parent, friend, spouse, boss, etc.

What is Your Definition of “Being Black”?

Dr. Vernita Glenn-White, empowerment strategist and personal coach, is the bestselling author of Embracing Grit For Greatness: Becoming Professionally Powerful Through Personal Empowerment. In our conversation, we discuss being black while being cute, nerdy, and quirky. Dr. V also shows us how to embrace all that we are so we can walk unapologetically into our […]

A Fascinating Story of Black History From Author Sylvester Boyd

Sylvester Boyd is a black author who wrote his first book, The Road from Money, at 68 years old. Part fiction, it’s the story of how his aunt went from cotton picker to millionaire, moving from Money, Mississippi to Chicago, Illinois. The book is part one in a series, and it’s easy to see Sylvester […]

Prayers Up for DMX

If you haven’t heard, Earl Simmons aka DMX, was recently admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose. Reports as early as this post say he’s on life support with limited brain activity. His 15 children have flown to New York to be near him. Prayers up for DMX. Recently, I was on a road […]

It Might Not Be The Way We Want, But Breonna Taylor Will Receive Justice

Breonna Taylor was fatally shot on March 13, 2020 and laid to rest by family members and friends whose grief was exacerbated by Louisville, Kentucky officials refusing to press charges against the officers involved. News that they were considering charging the officers left many of us with hope. But when the verdict was announced that […]

Dying Empty: What Chadwick Boseman’s Death Taught Me About Life

2020 has been a devastating year for us all. Whether we experienced the death of a loved one or not, the entire nation is suffering under the mental anguish of a pandemic. The uncertainty of not knowing what’s next, losing one’s job, and watching/reading the news of yet another senseless killing is taking its toll […]

People are in Your Life for a Season…Know When to Let Go

When I first meet a guy, I can always determine how long we’ll last and oftentimes even, how we’ll break up. I’ve gotten pretty good at this mostly because I have a type: pretty boys and athletes (that’s a conversation for a different article). I’m not looking for a relationship or marriage so it works […]

Accept It: There’s No Solution to These Senseless Killings

I did everything I could to avoid watching the death of George Floyd but I didn’t do enough. The video played automatically on Twitter; I watched it then went about my day. It was my intention to write a blog titled, The Reasons I Call Him King but I stopped midway because it wasn’t giving […]

Why You Should Watch Love Goals on OWN TV

The OWN network has some really good reality TV shows. I happened their latest series, Love Goals, and was immediately hooked. The show features five celebrity couples and a licensed therapist who, for two weeks, attempts to get them to reach their love goal. The goal for each couple differs, and in an effort not to […]

I Am Love

I am love and it’s not for err’body.The materialistic sees no value;there’s no price tag or blingso my price is unseen.The broken bows his head in shame.Feeling, lost, incomplete, unworthy,he will never win the game.Still, I am love.So I pray for the shallow and hurtthat you may find enlightenment, revelation, and self-worth.

How to Keep Your Faith During the Coronavirus

40 days or 40 years? That’s up to us. We’re faced with so much uncertainty today—we can literally talk to someone and die. Or expose someone to coronavirus and they fall ill. Or die. Plus, this pandemic has caused us all to reveal our true colors. Some are incredibly selfish. Hoarding toilet paper and masks […]

RIP Chester Bennington

Before Jay-Z collaborated with Linkin Park, their music was already bumping in the strip club. And no, it wasn’t a predominantly white club either. Hybrid Theory was on regular rotation at DC’s Penthouse, the premiere strip club for thick, African-American women, The customers were unaccustomed to the hard rock style screaming for which Chester is […]


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